Tracks and manages your transactions
Tracks your E-com Purchases
Shows real time updates of PNR status & travel plans


All your money, bills, travel,purchases are managed at a single place
Get alerts of bills, EMIs etc before due dates
Crisp and clear interface with minimal manual data entry procedure


Never stores bank account details passwords, OTPs, etc
Never reads your perosnal messages
Protects and never shares your data


About Qykly

The Product

Qykly is an innovative and Interactive personal assistant. Qykly is a platform that would bring access to all the services you use be it credit cards, e-commerce, travel, hotel bookings, shopping, banking, bills and more to just one screen for the omni present consumer. Qykly is the out of space, next generation experience for the end consumer. Qykly thrives to provide highest level of privacy & extreme convenience to the end consumer, thus making all your financial chores effortless and seamless.

Qykly has a vision to change the way consumers manage their financial transactions, the way they track their purchases, the way they manage their travel bookings, basically change the viewpoint of how we consume services & products in our daily life. Qykly’s ever evolving technology ties it up with global giants to pull relevant datasets based on the consumer needs, demographics and potential desires. Driven by deep drill down analytics of consumer behavior, Qykly would provide the end consumer luxury of using his mobile device to pay bills, EMI’s,banking services, loans and many other services.

How It Works?

Your personal assistant Qykly reads your transactional SMSs and presents them in an easy and manageable format so that you dont have to go through your clumsy inbox to find anything. Its fast, simple and secure. .


It arranges your transactional SMS into broader categories.

  • Finance
  • Purchases
  • Travel
  • Utilities

Get all the latest updates of your transactions in a single view.
See your spending trend monthly, quarterly and yearly.


  • Auto tracks your expenses through credit or debit cards, net banking, cash withdrawals or cheque.
  • Monitors your money, present in different online wallets such as paytm, mobikwik, payu etc.
  • Provides intuitive visualizations and insights on your expenses.
  • Sets monthly budgets allowing you to save money.


  • Aligns all your e-commerce purchases at one place.
  • Easy live tracking of shipment statuses, anytime and anywhere.
  • Notifies you with delivery schedules.


  • The app automatically scans your SMS inbox for PNRs and alerts you for changes in schedules or any status update.
  • Tracks your Train ticket confirmation , flight status live.
  • Notifies you with any change in the bookings.
  • Get instant updates on your hotel bookings.


  • Stores all your mobile/ credit cards/ utility bills & EMIs at one place.
  • Never be late in paying bills, get reminders before the due dates.




Great Everything u need..! It's awesome when an app does everything for u and u can just relax . Updates on everything travel, shopping bills etc is done perfectly. And the UI is simple. charts are all very useful, and best in the store, so far
Kaushiki bangali
Amazing The fact that it links your messages and keeps track of your expenses is the best thing. Great!
Ritika Verma
Great utility Was using walnut earlier but this is complete . Showed my sms in a very usable format . Thumps up
Diwik Singh Chhalani
Nice one For us old people now we don't need to find our bill due date .the calender feature is a life saver . God bless developers of qykly
Vinod Aggarwal
Its better than any other money management apps. U need to input only the cash expenses. All bank expenses are managed automatically from the SMSes.Plus The variety of merchnats handled by them is really big. From shopping to bills to travel. Any services which we consume digitally is being tracked by this app. Really simplified my life.
Saarthak Parihar
Very good Great initiative done by developers I see this app to go ahead of various challenger.... Every time I use this app see lots of more integration and innovation that help me to monitor and get more out of it....Stable and fast. Keep up the good work.
Archana herbalife
Omniscient...! Amazed to see this also can be done. Greatly simplified life. Long live Qykly. I am a Qykler now.
Kaushar Ali
Innovative n useful Like the concept and information that is provided which helps one to have all his finances at his fist. Now no worry to scroll through your SMSs to get info abt finances , travel etc. This app has it all. Five star app.
Samar Sisodia
Astonish app Great app. Very innovative. Now don't have to hassle with messages to see where I am spending. Truly amazing kudos to the team.
Vivek Gupta
Astonished. This is Just a Perfect App! This Can't get any better!  I happened to come across Qykly while I was looking for different apps to sort out my finances, budget and what not! And Qykly occured as a pleasant surprise which helped me to manage everything starting from finances to even my travel details. This virtual assistant is exactly what was needed. Being fast as well as easy to use Qykly has definitely taken this Genre of Apps to a better level. I am not a regular app reviewer but this App certainly deserved a positive response.
Shreya Sawhney
Very helpful As now a days we have stopped using messages but we get updated through them so a nice way to get everything organised
Vikramaditya Jaiswal
Useful app! A good app go keep a tap on your financial expenditures , tickets summary , online purchases, and many more things through a single platform
Pawandeep Singh
Something unique No need to keep on searching for a particular sms in your inbox.at just one click you can have all details on how much you have spent, what are your balances in your bank accounts and even credit card limits. Great.
Vishal Seth
Very informative This comes under a set of apps which everyone should have on their phone. The Information I got on my first visit was very amazing. Good going
Mukesh Kumar
Highly recommended Very useful app. Seeing my data this much sorted and getting alerts about upcoming journey and packets is wonderful.
Shivam Shrivastva
Hi Qykly Team, For a very long time i was lookimg for some appa that can show some real picture and i relied on apps that requires manual entry. But your app reads SMS and is a great step forward. I used Qykly as well as WealthPack to see which one is better and after couple of weeks i can surely say that you guys have nailed it. It even recognizes my post office account and balances. Great work guys. Appreciate all ur efforts. Since 99% of my transactions are always online or via card this is even more easier. Once again welldone guys...
Sharan Seetharam
Sharan Seetharam

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