What is Qykly?
Qykly is your smart personal assistant. It analyzes the transactional SMS of the inbox and systematically classifies it into different categories like Finance, Utilities, Purchases, Travel, Bills, Coupons, Offers etc. It provides intuitive visualizations and smart insights.
Does Qykly read my personal messages?
Qykly only looks at messages coming from businesses like Banks, Merchants, etc. It does not look at or analyse your personal communication, i.e. anything coming from a 10-digit Mobile Number.
Does Qykly have access to my bank account?
No. Qykly is just a view on your SMS inbox. It cannot access your bank account.
Do you upload SMS’ or transaction data?
Qykly securely transmits and saves your messages from businesses on our secure servers, only if you have backup enabled. This helps you recover the data when you have to change or reset your phone. Qykly is highly confidential. It does not share this information with anyone. When you categorize a spend, anonymized merchant data is sent to the server. No transaction data is sent.
Is my data secure?
The app is designed with multiple levels of security and privacy protection.
  1. The app doesn’t have access to or ask for any sensitive data- like full account number, bank login/password, OTP’s etc.
  2. Your data is never shared with anyone.
How do I manage my cash expenses?
Since your bank sends an SMS for every cash withdrawal, the app has a record of the total cash withdrawal in a given month.
  1. Adding a cash spend : You can record your cash spends by using the “+” button on the lower right side of any screen. You can add the details, type of transaction, merchant name etc.
  2. Keeping Track of the cash available to spend: In the financial homescreen , there is card showing cash in and cash out. You can check the cash available to spend from there.
If I have unused cash from the previous month can I carry it forward for use in the next month?
The app will automatically prompt you at the start of every month regarding the cash left. If you have cash left with you, you can forward it to next month or you can put it in spends.
How do I create a new spend category?
Qykly comes with several standard spend and transfer categories. However you can change the merchant or spend category on clicking on that transaction. An edit transaction screen will appear. You can change everything from here, even create your own spend category.
How do I switch off an alert for any purchase?
Go the the purchases in the overview screen. Click on that card whose alert is to be turned off. The details will appear. You can switch off the alert from there.
How do I add a ticket whose sms I haven’t received?
Go to the travels in the overview screen. Click on the ‘+’ sign on the right bottom of the screen. You can add details of your ticket and then track it from there.
If I change my phone, how do I save and transfer my Qykly data to the new phone?
Qykly gives you the option to take backup of your data before moving to a new phone, or resetting your existing phone.
To take a backup go to the settings in the left menu. In the backup and restore section, you can create a backup, enable/disable auto backup option, even email a backup file to your email account.